[Animal] [Animal] Amai's C3 Butterflies

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[Animal] [Animal] [Animal] Amai's C3 Butterflies

Postby Amaikokonut » Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:33 am


So, butterflies were one of the most in-demand C3 conversions according to a poll I took a while back... here's my take on them!

Changes from the original are so many I'm not sure I can remember..

- Both grubs and butterflies are edible, pushable, pullable, and hitable
- When grubs/butterflies die, they turn into edible (ew) detritus.
- Grubs have a baby stage, and as a whole the grub stage lasts a lot longer.
- Grubs do this weird floating about in water thing to try to avoid drowning. It's kind of hilarious, if unrealistic.
- The hungrier a grub is, the faster it will crawl towards it's chosen plant. This is also kind of hilarious.
- Once a grub goes pupa, it takes a lot longer for it to "hatch"
- Furthermore, if there are a lot of creatures (and few butterflies) around, the pupa will wait until they go away to change to butterfly. They can hibernate like this pretty much indefinitely.
- Butterflies will emerge either as the yellow spotty ones, or as the purple ones. However, the purple ones only emerge when the native population is especially high (consider them a sign of good health within the flock)
- Butterflies don't actually consume their food sources in any way (they'll still mesg writ 303, the "pollination" script in flowers that require it)
- Butterflies start out infertile, and gain a chance to become fertile each time they eat.
- Butterflies will start out looking for flowers-- when they feed off them, they have the highest chance of becoming fertile
- If a butterfly can't find flowers to feed from, it will then seek out fruit, then standard plants, and finally weeds. But these lesser foods have an increasingly lower chance to make the butterfly fertile.
- Fertile butterflies are made immediately infertile again if they can see more than 15 butterflies around them within 1000px, as a population control measure.
- Purple butterflies may flock around creatures, if they feel like it and are neither hungry nor fertile. They're very socialable.
- The lifespan of a butterfly depends on its "quality of life" score, which is calculated based on how many plants and flowers are around it. The more there are, the more slowly it ages. For happy, long-lived butterflies, surrround them with plenty of greenery!

Originally, these butterflies also flocked around areas of high flower CA smell, but this was later changed since CAs are so unreliable, and agents can't understand CA links the way creatures can, resulting in butterflies hovering around doors they can't get through trying to get to the CA on the other side, starving to death in the meantime. However, if you have a lot of flower-smelling agents around and want to give this behavior a test drive, open the CAOS command line and enter: 'setv game "blfy_ca_attraction" 1'

I put a ton of love into these, so feedback, tweak suggestions, bug reports, etc., would be appreciated.

Known Bugs:
- Very rarely, a bounding box error will appear when a grub ages. I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what circumstances cause this and thus haven't been able to reliably reproduce it, so if this happens to you, I would especially appreciate if you could tell me what metarooms and 3rd party plants you had injected at the time, as well as any other information you might be able to suggest, such as where exactly the grub was at the time of the error and what it was doing (crawling up a plant, crawling down, crawling on the ground, etc). Thank you!
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