How to post your agents!

An organized, ideally complete bank of released Garden Box agents. Find some new life to add to your world, or submit your own! Be sure to read the guidelines before submitting.

How to post your agents!

Postby Amaikokonut » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:29 pm

Welcome to the Garden Box Agents Collective! Consider this a hub linking to all your Garden Box needs.

First off-- to post an agent release thread, regardless of whether the agent is linked to or attached, you must be the creator of the agent! If you’ve discovered a garden box agent in the wilderness of the internet that isn’t posted here and want to make others aware of it, please post it to the “unposted agents” thread.

With that said, there really aren’t many guidelines here. Just be sure you select the proper catagory or "attribute" when making your post. If you are releasing a pack of assorted types of agents in a single thread, you may use the "Mixed" category.

Include a description of the agent (as brief or as detailed as you like), and of course, the agent itself. You can either attach your agent directly to the post itself, or post a link to your site, blog, etc. where the agent can be downloaded. Or both. It’s totally up to you.

For sake of ease though, it is advised that you keep the original post of your thread updated with the most up-to-date version of your agent so people don’t have to go through pages of discussion and updates to find the latest version (you are perfectly welcome to bump your thread after making the edits to your original post).

Consider your release thread your own personal discussion forum for your agent. Invite others to comment on it, report bugs, and offer suggestions! With that said, keep in mind that this forum is for agent releases and discussion of those agents only. If you're posting a new thread here, and it doesn't contain a link or an attachment, you're probably posting in the wrong forum!

And, this probably goes without saying, but please only post Garden Box agents in these forums-- there are plenty of other places that will host your traditional agents, CreaturesCaves being one.

Have fun!
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