[Decoration] [Decoration] Decorative Plant Bundle

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[Decoration] [Decoration] [Decoration] Decorative Plant Bundle

Postby Sot » Thu Dec 19, 2019 3:23 pm

Hello, everyone.

Decorating the game has very quickly become my favorite thing to do especially in the Biodome. I really like to decorate with plants and I love variety. Garden Box is such an amazing tool and it's really rekindled my interest into the game.
I am open to suggestions for making more decorations and I'd like to get into making patch plants or critters, too. I love doing it and watching my metarooms become more lively looking places.

I had made 3 plants to decorate with a couple of years ago before I took another break from the game and I've updated them, so if you've got those, 3 of these will have conflicting species ids and I suggest removing those first.
If the spcs conflicts with something someone else has made, I am open to changing mine.
Included in this pack are 8 different plants for everyone to get creative with, so with that here's what I've got so far.

All sprites and artwork are from Creature Labs, all I did was make them a decoration.

1. Updated Explodonut Plant
[spcs 112]
New icon in Garden Box panel and another sprite to flip through using Special Action 1.
The things the Explodonuts grow on in the DS Meso. Great place to put Explodonut patch plants.
2. Updated Grendel Fern
[spcs 113]
New icon, nothing special.
A fern from the C3 Grendel Jungle.
3. Updated Desert Bush
[spcs 114]
New icon, and two more sprites to flip through using Special Action 1.
The bush from the C3 Desert.
4. Desert Grass Clumps
[spcs 116]
This is the C3 Desert Grass in decoration form. Special Action 1 cycles through two pre-made clumps of grasses and Special Action 2 cycles through a couple slightly different grass sprites if you want to make your own clumps, or just want them sparse.
5. Meso Vines
[spcs 118]
Some little vines found at the top of DS's Meso, they're quite small. I really like these as an added detail. Special Action 1 cycles through them.
6. Fan Plant
[spcs 119]
I'm actually not sure where these are originally found. I see some of these in the background of the C3 Grendel Jungle but I've yet to see them as actual plants. Special Action 1 cycles through two sprites.
7. Decorative Purbana
[spcs 120]
Purbanas are the the purple plants that grow in the C3 Grendel Jungle. Special Action 1 cycles through some growth stages.
8. Decorative Pinky Plant
[spcs 121]
Pinky Plants originate from the C3 Norn Woodland. Special Action 1 cycles through some growth stages.

And here they are all put on display with some patch plants.

I tested them very briefly and they all seemed to work just fine, but let me know if there are any problems.
8 Garden Box Plant Decorations
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