Jagent: it is awesome, and now supports DSGB.

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Jagent: it is awesome, and now supports DSGB.

Postby Amaikokonut » Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:09 pm

So RProgrammer was awesome enough to make an update to our beloved Jagent, and this update includes the ability to specify the chunk type you're compiling!

This means, when using CAOS2PRAY to compile agents, instead of the old way in which you would have a block like:

*# Pray-File "gb_pp_apples.agent"
*# DS-Name "Apples (C3)"
etc etc, and then having to extract the prayfile, change DSAG to DSGB, and recompile, you can simply use:
*# Pray-File "gb_pp_apples.agent"
*# DSGB-Name "Apples (C3)"
etc., and then compile, and be done! This cuts several steps out of the process and generally makes life simpler for developers.

A billion thanks to RProgrammer for updating this wonderful tool!

If you don't already use Jagent/Monk and CAOS2PRAY (it's loads easier to use than easyPRAY, in my view), this is a great excuse to start. A brief guide to CAOS2PRAY can be found here, and of course, visit Jagent's SourceForge project page to download the updated version. More Garden Box-specific PRAY/compiling info can be found in the stickied Writing GB Agents guide.

Good luck!
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