C3>GB Conversion Discussion

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C3>GB Conversion Discussion

Postby Amaikokonut » Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:17 pm

So....I started the Garden Box with the grandest of ambitions-- too grand, as ambitions often are. Thinking I could single-handedly convert all C3 agents to Garden Box while debugging them, standardizing their stimuli, and making them able to thrive in any environment while adding lots of personal touches, was biting off way, way more than I could chew.

But this is a task better suited to the community than one person. In fact, I think it would be especially wonderful if there were multiple "conversions" of each C3 plant/critter done by different members of the community, each with their own personal touches.

Anyway, I'm passing this torch onto you guys. Not that I won't be doing any C3 conversions, but rather than burdening myself with the task of doing them all, I'm instead going to work on the few that I really want to put a lot of love into.

Attached, you will find a zip file containing cosfiles, icons, and prayfiles for the beginnings of my attempts at C3 > GB conversions. If you want to compile and use them as-is, you do so at your own risk -- most of them are very raw conversions and are extremely buggy. I offer absolutely no support for any of these files. I'd also appreciate it if compiled, unedited versions of these agents were not distributed, due to their unfinished nature.

But what I'm hoping is that you guys will use these files as a starting point, or at least a reference, and will take them and tweak them, fix them, make them viable, add some special touches, and then compile and share them with everyone.

One last thing of note-- Any C3 conversions I do will be named with the suffix, "(AMK)" (so, "Grazers (AMK)"). I would recommend that those doing conversions adopt a similar naming convention to avoid clashes, since two agents cannot have the same name. I would also recommend that you give your conversions their own classifiers, once again, to avoid clashes.

I honestly apologize that I was unable to deliver on my promises, but I hope that as a community we can make these conversions more amazing than I ever could have alone :>

Anyway, use this thread to discuss what needs to be fixed in the raw C3 stuff (Vampess's fixes might be a good place to start), what fun tweaks could be made, and so on!

Here you can read about what my original plans and personal standards were regarding the C3 conversions. No one should feel obligated to follow them by any means, but it might serve as a starting point for discussion.

Also, for those wondering what's in demand, here are the results of the C3 conversion poll:

Have at them!
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Re: C3>GB Conversion Discussion

Postby Grendel Man » Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:21 pm

I think it's a bit of a shame that the aquatic stuff didn't get a lot of votes (besides the Sharkling). However, I'm not going to let that stop me, since I'm definitely going to be making my own versions of the sponges and gumin grass. I'm still trying to decide if I should just base it off the C3 code or just write the new scripts from scratch, though.
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