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Ideas Pool

Postby malkin » Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:27 pm

This is intended to be a thread where basic, rough ideas for potential Garden Box agents can be recorded, discussed and expanded upon, for any ideas that aren't big enough to get their own threads here yet! ;)

*An edible 'leaf'-classed patch plant - just filling a gap in the ecosystem.
*A persistent 'detritus'-classed floor patch plant - cutting out the middleman and adding the ability to add a healthy layer of detritus to any metaroom.
*A fun, easily-norn-breakable, 'toy' patch plant. Toys *do* grow on trees!
*A gourd-like 'potion' patch plant - with a small amount of vitamin C and a small amount of prostaglandin, and a large amount of water.
*A fragile 'gadget' patch plant which decays if left unattended in the ettin terrarium. I just have this vision in my head of metallic nuts which grow on trees. :ugeek:
*A C3 cuttlefish conversion that gets bored and likes to play with toys, gadgets, dispensers, etc.
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Re: Ideas Pool

Postby Amaikokonut » Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:19 pm

Hah, I adore the playful cuttlefish idea. Playful critters in general are an area of personal affection for me.

The leaf/detritus/toy patch plant is easily enough done too; I love the idea of alternate uses for patch plants. And even though this is totally unintended, the patch plant system could technically be used to auto-spawn anything, including critters, so something like an aquamite patch might help to maintain aquatic food-chains.

Something I would really love to do is make a sort of ornamental fish that is composited from separate sprites, so say, the head, body, dorsal fin, ventral fin, and tail fin, would have tons of styles that would be randomly mixed and matched, built much like creatures are. That is totally outside my spriting ability right now, but would be a seriously fun project to code.

Said fish I'm thinking would be sort of modeled after betta fish-- with aggressive traits and a similar courtship ritual, so you couldn't just throw a bunch in the aquatic meso and see what interesting babies pop up; it would actually require some effort and human interaction to selectively breed pretty fish. I guess I'm just amused with the idea of using critters to essentially create mini-games within DS.

In general I think I'd like to work a lot more with 'evolving' plants and critters, not really in the same way creatures do, but more in line with the golden gnarlers-- just little things about the wildlife that change over long periods of time to sort of reward logging many hours of playtime in a single world.

And, this might be totally outside of my scope right now, but I'm toying with the idea of bringing a variation on C3's blueprints back into life for decoration agents, to allow people to save and share decoration setups that they've worked really hard on. It would basically take a snapshot of where all the decoration agents were and what state they were in, export it to a GB-agent file that, when re-injected, would place all those decorations exactly where they were, or in another area but with all the objects still placed relatively to each other. But whether or not I actually take that idea further will depend on whether or not world-decorating is actually considered worth doing by the community; I have a hunch it may have been one of those things I did purely for my own amusement :P
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Re: Ideas Pool

Postby malkin » Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:23 pm

I'm trying to build a Garden Box Survivor Island... and I need more tree backgrounds.
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Re: Ideas Pool

Postby vampir-maniac » Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:36 am


I've just recently downloaded garden box and am excited to see what new agents will be developed :D I'm not a developer myself but I've got a whole long list of ideas if you don't mind :P

Most of them are decorative but I was thinking maybe they could decrease boredom when looked at?
- Rock fountain
- Water fountain
- Pond with fish
- Portable aquarium? Sort of like those ones installed in walls of houses
- Decorative bushes (those ones that are cut into fancy shapes xD)
- Trees (an acorn tree for extra starch might be useful)
- Tree house (Just to store things? Norns might fall off of them too often)
- Stone statues of Norns/Grendels/Ettins
- Flowers (esp. roses and sunflowers!)
- Caves
- Sunken ship (for rooms with water)
- Treasure chest with coins Norns can play with
- Big mushrooms that Norns can bounce off

And then I'm also simply crazy about critters so I was thinking in addition to all the regular ones in C3 (like birds, hedgehogs, crickets,ants..) we could add some cute lady bugs and maybe some mole-like critters that burrow underground and pop-up once in a while in the selected area :P These are pretty simple ideas but to me, are essentials to the happy customizer :mrgreen:
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Re: Ideas Pool

Postby malkin » Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:26 pm

A critter patch (patch plant) of teeny tiny wormy things which hatch, crawl around for a few hundred ticks, eat nothing and perish.
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Re: Ideas Pool

Postby ham5ter » Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:46 pm

First of all... Sorry for my bad English, i am not a nativ speaker :)

My Idea is:
Adding some "Critter Controll"
What i mean is, beside the awesome "plant patches" a litle more Controll abillity for Critter like, Butterflys, Dragonflys, ants.

Basicly when you inject a critter Agent you can set a Spawn area (much like the "Plant Patch"), but with some more Critter like Options:

    - Minimum count
    - Maximum count
    - Spawn Seasons

You could also do some basic Critter Controll with a "plant patch" but then you simply can not precisely decide at which amount of critters they will be repopulated, (they will just grow like plants) ;) and at what amount of Critters some of them have to die :(
this will prevent the garden to be overrun by a certain Critter. and at the same time, keep atleast a minimum population alive.
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Re: Ideas Pool

Postby malkin » Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:21 pm

From the C4 forum:

*Fun patch plants, like cookies that grow on trees.
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