Guidelines for Report submissions (read before posting)

A structured forum for submitting reports related to the Garden Box. Please read the guidelines before posting!

Guidelines for Report submissions (read before posting)

Postby Amaikokonut » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:30 pm


This is the forum where you can submit bug reports, feature requests, and everything in-between. Please note this forum is for issues and suggestions for the Garden Box Injector itself, not the agents it uses. If you are having problems with Garden Box-compatible agents, please redirect your reports to the appropriate agent thread in the Garden Box Agents Collective. If you have ideas or suggestions for future garden box agents, please plant your seeds of ideas in the fertile soil of the Greenhouse Laboratory development forum.

Once a thread has been posted, it is totally open to discussion by everyone! If someone posts a bug and you're having the same issue, see if you can provide more info about it. If someone posts a feature request that you really like, second it, or offer your idea to make it better! I will make my best effort to acknowledge and reply to every thread, to let you know if your bug is being investigated or if your feature request sounds viable.

To make it clear exactly what you’re posting, be sure to select the proper attribute when making your post:

[Feature]: Use this if your topic contains a major idea for a new feature in a future Garden Box release. Examples might include additional options, a new method for sorting, and so on.

[Tweak]: Use this tag to suggest a minor change to some already-existing part of the Garden Box. Examples might include changing the position or appearance of an element.

[Annoyance]: Use this if you have noticed something in the Garden Box that does not throw an error, but is still annoying or interfering with use, such as graphics not lining up properly or something not being clickable that should be.

[Error]: Use this if your topic contains information about an error (as in, an actual error box appears or the game crashes) Note that there is a special way to post errors-- those guidelines are a little further down.

If you’re not sure what category your report falls under, just take your best guess; it’s not like you’re disarming a bomb or anything. The only category with a hard line is the Error category-- that requires you to post an actual error message at some point.

Error Submission Guidelines
Please, please read these before posting an [Error] report! These guidelines do not apply to Feature, Tweak, and Annoyance posts.

-AUTOKILL MUST BE OFF. I cannot emphasize this enough. Posting a report simply stating that something was autokilled unfortunately does not help us understand what is causing the problem. Without an error message, the problem cannot be diagnosed. If performing a certain action causes something to be autokilled, turn autokill off and try it again, then post the error that results. If you fully understand this guideline, mention somewhere in your error report that autokill was off.

-Make sure your catalogue files are placed properly before reporting an error. One of the most common errors that results looks something like this:


This is, far more often than not, the result of the infamous catalogue-placement problem associated with Exodus and other newer re-releases of creatures, not an issue with the Garden Box itself. Before reporting this as an error, please make sure all your catalogue files ended up in the right folder. More information can be found in assorted pages around the community:

Is your version of DS installed properly?
Is Your Creatures Exodus installed Properly?
Quirky cookie machine problem-- The QCM also uses catalogue files in the same way the Garden Box does-- the fix, therefore, is the same.

-Include the version number of Garden Box that you’re running. (Right now only 1.0 exists anyway, but for future reference this will be helpful distinguishing errors between versions)

-Post the exact error message. The whole point of an error report is to post the actual error itself, so post either a screenshot of the error or the exact text that appears. Simply saying “The game crashes” or “I get a bounding box error” is, sadly, not very helpful. The exact error message is crucial.

- Post as many details as possible surrounding the error. Tell us what you were doing when the error happened. If possible, try forcing the error to happen again, so we have a better idea of what causes it. There’s no such thing as too much information here!

Your feedback goes a long way in ensuring the quality of the Garden Box! Thank you for taking the time to submit reports to this forum.
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